Business Planning and Finances

Reduce the Amount of Income Tax

  • Tax credits reduce the amount of income tax a person must pay
  • Tax deductions reduce the amount of income subject to tax

Rossetti Tax will check to see and discuss with you any deductions or tax credits which appear available to you based on the documentation and information you share with us. We are always looking for ways to help you.

For Example:
  • Students - tax credits, like student loan interest, could help pay tuition
  • Individuals - retirement savings could provide a current tax saving by reducing federal income tax
  • Teachers - tax deductions can include money you spend on books or supplies for students
  • Homeowners - deductions for new home or improvements to property‚Ķ talk to a Rossetti consultant to find out what can save you the most money.
  • Business owners and self-employed - learn more about current tax breaks by calling Rossetti Tax today
  • Victims of national disasters - call Rossetti to find out about possible tax deductions
  • Members of the armed forces - questions about special tax benefits, including Veterans Administration disability, can be answered with a simple phone call to Rossetti Tax.
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